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Welcome one and all to my humble little downloads page. First, let me point out that all of the files downloaded off of this page are stored on This site just makes it easier to download the files as opposed to only viewing them. All that you have to do is right click on the file you want and choose 'save target as' (may vary from browser to browser). So, without further ado, here are the files:



::Machina II::


  1. glass
  2. cash car star
  3. dross
  4. real love
  5. go
  6. let me give the world to you
  7. innosense
  8. home
  9. blue skies (version electrique)
  10. white spyder
  11. in my body
  12. if there is a god
  13. le deux machina
  14. atom bomb

::EP 1::


  1. slow dawn
  2. vanity
  3. satur9
  4. glass (alternate version)

::EP 2::


  1. soul power
  2. cash car star (version 1)
  3. lucky 13
  4. speed kills (but beauty lives forever)

::EP 3::


  1. if there is a god (piano and voice)
  2. try (version 1)
  3. heavy metal machine (version 1 alternate mix)


ava adore

bullet with
butterfly wings

cherub rock


everlasting gaze



stand inside
your love


tonight tonight







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