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Welcome to my Pumpkins site. This site is dedicated to bringing you the Flash animations from the official site so that you can download them or edit them or what have you. Enjoy! Also, I feel I must point out: none of these movies/animations/sounds/etc. were created by me. I mearly took the flash movies and put them up for display. As for the animations and everything else, I did do the work of ripping them from the movies, but, again, I didn't create them. Do not give me credit for creating anything here, give credit me for making it available to the Pumpkins' fans.

03.10.01 (i don't like you, i don't like you, i don't like you and i never will...)

Just a quick update today. I put a little work into getting the galerie menus into full working condition. Now, all three of them are in ready-to-download exe bliss...or something like that. It also seems that decided that free guestbook and poll services aren't very profitable and shut down all of the leeching. Oh well, its not like they got a lot of use anyway. If you care, I'm still looking for a web host. Why do I even try...

03.08.01 (Saint Nicholas! Saint Nicholas! Pour a drink. Try not to cry, try not to think.)

As promised on AMSP, here is your update. And what an update it is. As I mentioned last time, I got an html compiler. So far, I've made two exes, one for the eggs main menu and one for the chards of glass. More of those to come later. While on that topic, I realize the exe files say 'NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION' on the top, but that only applies to commercial distribution, so I've cheated the system yet again.

As I was poking around the innards of, I stumbled across a file that I probably shouldn't have downloaded, but did anyway. I'm not gonna say what file it was, but lets just say it was written in a language named after hot morning beverage. Anyway, I proceeded to poke around that file and found links to some flash files that are no longer in use. Much to my pleasentry, they were still lying around on the server. I happened to dig up a movie advertising the final shows and some old webcast menus.

Most of you AMSPers have probably noticed my posts about the hidden messages on the main menu. Well, I've got them all up for your...well...your whatever. On another note, I'm still looking for a web host. I bet the offers will just start rolling in now...

02.14.01 (i wish i was blank...) time, how great it is. Nah, I'm still bored. Oh well. The tallies are in and all 2 votes have told me unanimously not to keep working on the eggs. So, in response, I've ripped a bunch of stuff from the intros and menus. Go get them and have fun and whatnot. Also, there's a new main menu at which is up for downloading and is also ripped. I haven't gotten around to ripping any movie clips from these things, so you'll have to wait till later for those.

I looked into some html compilers (they turn html files into a single exe) in order to make some (most) of the menus more functional. I should have some files like that up on monday or tuesday (4 day weekend! you gotta love dead presidents).

In closing, sign my guestbook, use the poll, and I'm still looking for a web host. Heh, you knew it was coming...

02.07.01 (everything is green to me...)

Boredom has settled in again so I decided to check out the official SP site for some new files. Sure enough, there's a new intro. It is, of course, now available for download in the intros section (you have multiple sections!?). Its pretty sweet.

I hate it when little free script sites have down time. Just like the one running my guest book and poles is having now. Ergh. I did find a flaw in my page because of it so I guess there is a positive side to it. By the way I'm still looking for a web host. And also, go buy or download some Hum, these guys 0wn...

02.06.01 (hum...nice...)

Progress has been kind of slow. My problem is I think too far in the future and am too lazy to do anything in the present. This makes for some sloooow production (note the extra 'o's for emphasis). I did add, as I'm sure you've noticed, a guestbook and poll over to the right (--->) so I'd better get some feedback now.

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who is trying to find some sort of music to fill in the gap where the Pumpkins used to be. I resorted to concert bootlegs at first and that held me over for a while. But since there are no new songs, I decided to look for another band to fill the 'new songs' catagory. So far, I've found two good (warning: relative word) bands. First, At the Drive In makes some great music, although not at all like the Pumpkins. Another band, Hum, sounds quite similar to them and their album "You'd Prefer An Astronaut" 0wnz. I found out today, though, on AMSP that they've broken up too. Any other suggestions? Use the guestbook. And, by the way, I'm still looking for a web host. Hehe, I have't used the blink tag in a long time...

02.03.01 (so...bored...)

Nothing much accomplished. I just uploaded the mac (ick) projector file. Its in .hqx format which, as far as I know, is like a zip file to all us regular types. Go download it and let me know if it works. I'd test it myself but I don't want one of those god-cursed machines in my house. Oh yeah, I'm still looking for a web host. Oooh, bold and italics...

01.31.01 (dancing on the corpses' ashes...)

I really hate school. Anyway, I've finally updated. You see, it isn't that I haven't been working, its just that I hate uploading stuff and writing file descriptions. I ripped the images and sounds out of the remaining eggs. The animated gifs...just wait for it, I suppose. I didn't do any file descriptions, either, but the filenames are pretty self-explainitory.

I've discovered that rebuilding the fla files is a lot harder than I thought and takes a lot of planning. After rebuilding the first egg, I came to find out that exporting it to an mpg, as planned, had quite the problem. Again, its with the movie clips, which, might I add, I have spent hours (ok, only 2) re-inserting and timing. All is not lost, though. The file should still export as a extension mac uses instead of exe. I should get that up tomorrow and you...others...can tell me if it works. By the way, I'm still looking for a web host. Heh, someone is bound to reply to that one.

01.16.01 (cry...hate...die...fakes!)

As promised, I've uploaded all the stand alone exe files. Sorry Mac know who you are. As soon as I get around to adding the movie clips to the rips I have I'll make some nice lwzs or whatever the hell you other guys use. By the way, I'm still looking for a web host.

01.16.01 (you know i'm not dead...)

Although I didn't update anything yesterday, I did do a lot of work. First, I've discovered how to rip the movie clips from the movies. This means more animations. Along with the movie clips I can now make complete mpegs out of the eggs. However, I don't have enough space to hold them all here on tripod (at least I doubt it) so I need web hosting bad.
Another thing is that I discovered a nice little button in my software that will rip the file straight into an exe. So expect exes for all of them later today (I updated egg1.exe already).

01.14.01 (after a worthwhile game of UO)

Well...I've discovered the reason for the end animations not working. It turns out, the movie clips from the movies don't convert right using my current process. Well, if you're not familiar with flash development then that probably doesn't make too much sense. To further explain: Flash has two types of animations 1)Tweened Animations, which takes a static picture and moves it around, scales it, rotates it, adds color effects, etc, 2)another kind (i forget the term) which is just a series of pictures which, if shown in succession, form motion. Now, these animations both take up multiple frames and this makes them hard to work with. To simplify things, animations can be turned into, today's magic word, movie clips. This makes the multiframe animations into a single-frame object and, therefore, much easier to work with. To repeat myself, these movie clips don't convert right using my process. I'm looking into adding an extra step into said process which will allow me to keep the accurate animations as opposed to replicated ones...but thats for a later date.

Enough rant. I've ripped the third egg and its my longest job yet. Enjoy...and send me mail!

My God! I had over 200 hits yesterday. I didn't expect anything over 100. All those hits and I never even gave an outlet for feedback. Well, here's one now:


So send me some comments/suggestions/etc. I did get one reply to a post I made on the AMSP newsgroup and I've been convinced to make the eggs into standalone exes. The thing about the animations of the end of the eggs holds true still, so the first release of them as exe files won't include those. So far, I've only made the first egg into an exe, but more to come as soon as I rip their audio.

I ripped the second egg. This one depicts plate XI, my personal favorite. Expect some more stuff out of this one. I'll probably rip this one to death. Well, expect that for all of the eggs, but moreso this one than the others.

01.13.01 (my God! there are 3-year-olds with more of a life than me...)
I just ripped the first egg. It was a surprised filled time. I've done this sort of thing with other flash animations, but none of them were made like these ones. Getting the pictures and audio is easy and those things should progress easily, but the animations are all made in a way that I can't just...hmm...copy & paste, if you will. Consequently, many of the animations that happen when you move the cursor over a picture will have to be replicated instead of ripped. This means a lot more work for me. Oh well.

01.13.01 (after getting some lunch)
Due to my lack of a life, I've continued yet again to work on the site. I've decided the most practical way for me to display the movies is through javascript-driven popup windows. This process requires me to go back to the official site and get the proper sizes for each movie, though, so it will be a long and boring process for me. Since the mass majority of the eggs are the same size I finished that one pretty quickly and it is now updated. I'm bored of scripting now so I guess I'll start ripping a movie. Yeah, that sounds like fun...yeah...

01.13.01 (after a brisk nap)
I've continued to work on the page and have finished the organization/design of my site. As it turns out, I didn't have all of the animations. In fact, I was missing quite a few of the 'On The Road' menus. I have those now so you need not worry. My next steps, in no particualr order, are to find a practical way to display the movies in their proper proportions, start ripping things out of the eggs, and editing to menus to make them work without their html halves.

01.13.01 (reeeealy early in the morning)
The site is up just to show that I have the files. The site design isn't done yet (expect that tomorrow). As far as I know, I have all of the flash movies from the official site. My future asparations are to rip individual animations from the movies and convert them into .gifs, rip the soundloops into wav/mp3 files, and rip just about everything else from them.